Full Size Headphone Recommendations

You can get off beaten path and have little visceral connection to land or people as you’ve insulated yourself in your thoughts to fixating on being different. You have any suggestions between those on the basis of info I gave, or am I overlooking one, right?

I am thinking of getting headphone you suggested either Senneheiser HD600 or HD Thanks.

So here’s a question. Which type do you suggest? AD8620, AD 8066 or OPAMy gears are Westone 4, Shure Se 530, Iphone as tosource, Fiio E3 LOD and CMOYBB. I am thinking about buying toJDSlabs’ C421 headphone amp. I just look for to hear your opinion about which headphone is really good for classical music what really is your ideal setup below $ 1000?

I’m thinking of buying new amp as well.

Thanks for your advise.

Maybe not now but eventually I will upgrade both source and toamp. By the way I gave up, at least for time being, Actually I wanted to contribute to this. While reading todescriptions, look, there’re a bunch of exciting properties, s nearly impossible to compare any two and get an idea of exactly how they sound compared to each other. Unless I have HD800 inhouse, I can’t really make an accurate comparison of T1 to toHDI’ve also found that when I have an opinion on a headphone, someone may suggest trying an album or even a couple of tracks I haven’t heard before, and that could change my opinion some, I can make a great comparison of a Beyer T1 and T90. For example, instead of just presenting items on their own terms, that could help, So if someone has a model of how to make recommendations more of an ol to get to a purchase decision.

I bought a grado sr60i on the basis of reviews and was bitterly disappointed with it and sold it at a painful 60 percent loss, I started with my ipad 3 and a phonak audeo 022 that I received as a gift and difference with my earpod made me curious anout audio. Since they’re offensively expensive here in Germany, I’m currently looking for some decent, forward sounding Headphones for Rock/Indie/Alternative Metal for about $ 500 Grados are somewhat out of topicture. I just picked up my ESP950 other day. I find extent of detail in music lacking compared to Beyer T90 I tried before, sound is very special indeed.

I believe it was most detailed headphone I have heard so far, By the way I didn’t enjoy high frequency region of toT90.

Hi I love this web.

For original motion sounds like movie conan with powerfull bass, soundtracks from hanns zimmer or steve pablonsky, what headphone you recommends for me?, 200 $ its my p ony, thank you. Use of filters and ear cleaning is essential to protect your investment. You did a nice work with a n of info! I think you nailed it! One thing I can think of must be including one potential problem with IEM’s, namely earwax buildup. Thanks for all you do!! Not liking AKG K701 as long as compared to toothers, it has less character of itself is fine -but to miss almost any AKG headphone from your recommendation list says a lot. Keep reading. Gotta say there’s some AKG hate on website.

I hope you get to review latest akg offerings sometime. I was looking more at less expensive model for use with classical music. Surprisingly HE 500″ takes over HE 6 in flagship spot. Midrange lovers will love this headphone. Recommended for Jazz, Blues. Ok, and now one of most important parts. Then the HE 500 takes to’HE6′ drivers and tweaks a few things to result in an easier to drive factor, very sweet and musical mids, and good clarity all around without being harsh. I’m sure it sounds familiar. If you use 15v adapter, you’d still be limited compared to a better amp, it might work better that way. Of 3 choices you listed, X2 would probably be most efficient. Anyways, choose an efficient headphone, Therefore in case you intend to keep X1 as your headphone amp.

It will severely limit your dynamics on lots of music, especially classical, if using MX1 on USB power.

Whether not is independent of whether they sell it or not, or they like a product

Headfonia is an unbiased website where even two main reviewers, Mike and Lieven, please do not always agree 100 with ourselves on must sound better that way. Anyways, disconnect it, since it can degrade sound in your current signal path, I’d say in case you have any device in or adjacent to signal path that’s not needed for listening at the moment. Notice, all I can say is, keep your devices as separate as possible. Let me tell you something. Accordingly the DAC will feed amps through Line Out, and while many of us know that there are a lot of technical ways to either split line out, or plenty of people use line outs to feed one amp and another kind of output from source to feed a power amp or powered speakers ….

Connect them with shortest and best interconnects you can get, if your DAC and headphone amp are separate items.

Ain’t ‘mainstream’, you have to understand what you’re getting, Grado PS500 is a great open back headphone.

Therefore the design for low bass has a big issue that I read about and confirmed with my own 1840, I had a Shure 1840. Basically, there sound is different from toSennheisers, Philips X1 might be just as good. Usually, I don’t think Ultrasone has figured out how to translate their offset ‘S Logic’ driver with an open back design very well. I guess…. Seriously. So Pro 900 is better…. Both HFI 2400 and Pro 2900 fall short of their closed back cousins. I fell in love with Pro 900… It is a fun headphone… I bought 2900 thinking it would’ve been same but better….I carried on returning it and getting HifiMan HE400″‘ Could not be happier now. Therefore, is Philips Fidelio X2 a HUGE upgrade in SQ over my Grado SR60i?

I know that the Fidelio X2, right after all.

What’s your opinion about HE 400/500?

I’m interested in them since 500 is discounted now and 500 are faster and has better sound stage with cheaper amps but HD 650 has better scaling and is better all rounder? I will buy them in a heartbeat if they’ve been 20 $ but for 50 $ look, there’s more competition than you think. I really hope this guide will cover budget headphones in more detail. Loads of budget guides online strongly recommend dated headphones which underperform for price like koss portapro. Certainly, just look at new philips downtown. Noone except mentions criminally underrated JVCs like tos400, s500 and tofx40.

Yes -get The Schiit amps are a decent ‘lowbudget’ buy, would know best for In fact, he has many comments on these reviews about amps for to650. Mike, can you being that currently im funding for ‘HE 500’ and go with portable DAC and portable amp. Consequently, mike, you said ‘HE 500’ ain’t better synergy with Mk3 B? I haven’t seen any complaints about comfort on to’25 Can”t seem to find anything else that fits what I’m looking for in a closedback, I’m not crazy about going back to supra aurals with glasses.

You said not to go with Pro900 previously, maybe Senn 251’s?

Very good refinement level with a generally laid back and smooth sound signature, a typical Sennheiser sound signature.

These new midlevel headphones from Sennheiser offer a step up in sound quality from previous HD555/595 models. Basically the HD558/HD598 are more popular for people who’s not willing to make heavy investment on a headphone amplifier and a nonetheless their sound quality tend to e overshadowed by higher end HD600/HD650 models. Will you switch to a planar magnetic if money was no question? With that said, will you still prefer 650 to LCD and HiFiMans? Whenever considering they’re closed portables, I mostly narrowed it down to Senn HD 25, is this only relatively speaking. Seriously. I’m not entirely convinced whether that actually makes them good,. To Besides, already bought many cans based our interactions on this web. I’ll take positive friendly notice, Mike, To be honest I don’t understand about no clear sense where im preparing to. To be honest I will ask less, if you disturbed by my passion. I had dt1350 on my side for now finally chit chat and long questions about this and that.

It was an earlier serial number.

Also… it now comes with 2 year warranty instead of 5 years.

Besides, the new one has less harsh treble, maybe it’s just me. I have since sold that and purchased a new one, serial number 135xx. HD600 and save up for an external amp/dac so you can get a p tier headphone later? So, having said that, a second hand LCD2 can be found for $ 650 nowadays. I should forget about all of those headphones if you’re sticking with toAsus. Besides, this mid entry level open headphone from Audio Technica will impress you with its big, spacious sound. We did a group comparison on full ‘ADline’ up headphones and found that AD900 to be most balanced model among toothers. You can also try slightly lower end AD700 and AD300 models as they offer very similar sound signature for less money. a lot of music I listen to is Trance, Techno, House or similar genres.

I own pairs of Sennheiser’s HD 280, HD 380, HD 598, HD8 DJ, and IE I need to step out of Sennheiser and give some other companies a try.

I’m searching for Dark sounding head phones with most of low end.

My favorite by far are HD8 DJs. Usually, well, To be honest I am doing best in order to follow headphone guidelines in this website, better 2 3″ differents that one for all. So, they are on ear and after 23″ hours they are not confortable, my vJays are ‘openback’ portables as I take walking or gym.

You could get a miniDAC like Microstreamer or Dragonfly that runs off of toUSB, or you could get a lower quality DAC and amp like FiiO E07k or E17 that are USB DAC as well as standalone analog amps, their advantage that they have their own power so might be better on dynamics than USBpowered ‘mini DACs’. They can play with portable players and cellphones without a computer. Great for Classical music and audiophile Jazz. Equipped with S Logic technology, Pro900 offers a wide spacious sound with clean details and an impactful bass. You see, Pro900 is one of a few models among Ultrasone’s line up. I think labeling HD650 as a bass head can is inaccurate. With all that said… With that said, this was flagship reference class model from Sennheiser, do you really think a company just like Senn would make their flagship model a bass head headphone? The uncertain part is the tal number of comparisons -just 100 headphones is nearly 10 thousand comparisons, and that doesn’t include amps. Whenever testing sites try to shortcut that with objective test results, s not a full solution. Do give either one of these headphones a try.

That’s a fact, it’s to must to listen headphone and one that I’d recommend to everybody.

Grado SR60i is an updated model of toSR60, a big headphone icon among headphone enthusiasts.

Very similar ‘open back’ design is also what’s responsible for creating this particular special listening experience. Actually, as long as fully ‘open back’ design, Grado SR60 leaks sound big time, both in and out. SR60i represents entry level Grado sound with its uniquely forward, engaging, and open sound that makes Grado famous. Fact, it works very well for Rock, Indie, Acoustic, Blues. Then again, with identical magical Grado sound signature, SR80i is a higher up model that offers better bass than entry level SR60i. You also have to remember that Mike wrote toHE500″ review before there was Bottlehead Crack. Of course, that amp completely upset toprice/performance ratio with toHDAlthough, HD650 creates a very musical sound with even very straightforward JDSlabs cMoy. Also, shure 750DJ -I was on verge of buying these, they say it has superb sound that stands next to very expensive cans… I read in other place that Undoubtedly it’s identical to M50 but with more bass.

Now look, a lot complain about its durability. AKG Acoustics ‘K240’ Semi Open Studio -I have read that I know it’s excellent and very cheap.-S 70 $ … but needs an amp. I’m pretty sure sound signature is different enough from T1 to call for a separate review. Any chance you will do a Beyerdynamic T5P review? This is tocase. You’ve covered a few ‘high end’ closed cans already, including toTH900/600 and LCD XC but T5P hasn’t gotten much attention in flagship category. Known in BF4 with DH and toHD558’s I could easily pick out gun shots coming from identical direction as a tank that was in close proximity which with lesser sets like Astro A40’s or toHD518’s sound positioning is lost in rumble of totank. I’m talking about great all rounder headphone with reference qualities.

By the way, the HD580/600 have forward mids, good treble and midrange detail, good bass impact. Pace is moderately fast. New flagship closed headphone from Sony is a great all rounder headphone that will give you a near high end resolution and refinement in a closed design, easy to drive package. One weak point is bass impact which is just okay. Furthermore, medium pace and PRaT. Then again, fairly linear frequency balance, good mids and vocals, unoffensive and smooth treble, good detail extraction and soundstage. This is tocase. So it is a great list to tell me better headphone for to sound type I look for. Sound quality is only part of toequation. I would love a recommendation to fit following requirements for an over ear headphone, I’d say in case anyone is willing. Since K553 is very close to neutral, but not as bright as Sennheiser HD600 and Grados, I’d take it straightaway, To be honest I haven’t had a Philips since toL1. Despite not as huge, AKG K553 is a huge upgrade over toSR60, and it’s even an upgrade over toSR325. You see, I really like sennheiser hdIt is a very musical headphone for a great price.

It has a very different sound signature than apple earbuds and that can take a little adjustment. Only one thing I might recommend is that you give it a great listen. So overall sound is bigger on toT5p, yes isolation is better on toED8. Did you know that the Ed8 has typical Ultrasone sound, and lots of people complains about lack of midrange in Ultrasones. I know that the T5p, I believe is better headphone though bass impact is better on toEd8. It’d sorta leave Koss bit flailing but I dunno. Maybe basic concept is what could’ve been fleshed out a little IMO, maybe cut 414 history lesson as it serves no practical purpose to I really didn’t look for to harass you with questions as I know So there’re dozens of similar posts all over your website.

I am mostly looking for cans while at work where So there’re generally people sitting 6 feet away from me, I’ve actually never heard openback phones.

I’d generally prefer not to worry about it, I don’t know if leakage is that much of a big problem.

I actually hadn’t realized initially that they’ve been open back, to’HE 400′ sound perfect for me. Except for my first headphone I’ve bought all my headphones second hand and had no problems. Maybe you don’t need to invest more. That’s where it starts getting very entertaining. I will suggest you to consider buying an used HD 650, here in Switzerland they take less than 200 $. Between different impedance versions, higher impedance version offers a more linear and smoother sound, though more demanding in amplification. Basically, DT880 is most popular full size headphone from Beyerdynamic. Just think for a moment. Originally designed for professional monitoring purposes, DT880 is even more resolving than Shure ‘SRH840’ and Audio Technica M In fact, there’s nothing more resolving than these DT880s on south side of $ Keep in mind that with ‘superresolving’ monitoring headphones like these DT880s, you have to pay close attention to quality of recording material, otherwise it will sound pretty nasty.

By the way, the PRO is more affordable while Premium has a better build quality. They come in a couple of variants, PRO and Premium and in 32 Ohm, 250 Ohm and 600 Ohm versions. Maybe Sennheiser Momentum, Sennheiser Amperior, Philips Fidelio L1/X1, Beyer ‘DT770 LE’, Beyer DT880/600ohm or Beyer DT990/600ohm can be better options to not to lose aggressiveness and at identical time maintaining versatility? Needless to say, HD650 aren’t a great option. They’re usually recommended for classical music. I listen 40 alternative rock and post metal, 40 metal and 20percent other genres. Thank you for your answer. Those suggestions gave me a great bit to digest I reckon I’m planning to take a closer look at Amperior and toM100, they seem promising, sorry for not saying anything earlier. Now let me tell you something. While detailed and tight, weakest part of K550 is tobass, doesn’t kick that hard.

It’s a good idea to be good to go, Mike says National will really, maybe some slight reverb with tohousing.

I have never found that to be true. Then again, hmm maybe some other amps? I live in Europe virtually and it’s not easy to transport big heavy items from America. Pick out a few that look interesting and somewhat affordable, after that, we can drill down to todetails. Me personally, I’d keep a solid state and a tube amp handy -tubes when you need a more mellow sound. There’re loads of lust worthy amps featured here.

As long as 2 amps address any possible harshness better than switching to another headphone signature, I think that’s a better plan than using two headphones.

650 is much better for rock than a HD600, that’s for sure.

Can’t say if it’s perfect as long as that depends on you.

Grados have always been voiced to sound great with Rock, Blues, Country, among other things, and RS1 model represents some decent stuff from Grado sound. We still like RS1 best, grado have released more expensive headphones just like GS1000 and toPS1000. Still a very good headphone and for half cost of toRS, for the most part there’s also a really new model with a slightly different sound called toPS500. It’s still not quite like RSYou can also try lower end SR325is, it’s a slightly downgraded sound from what you get with toRS1.

Besides, the RS1 is classic Rock headphone.


It looks like I won’t be getting both, Personally, I like sparkly treble and a wide soundstage. I play lots of FPS games and listen to all kinds of music. Now let me tell you something. After some research I decided that I need either a refurbished Sennheiser 558 for $ 89 or a really new pair of Grados SR80s for $ 100 to plug into my ASUS Xonar DG. For example, I’m attempting to find a pair at $ 100 or less on Amazon. It really is helpful, Hey, thanks for toarticle. Known it’s a decent house music headphone, M100 bass obscures mids an ideal middle ground. Background. Then the BO H6 and BW P7 are probably without any bad ‘aftereffects’.

Of everything I’ve used in recent months, Sennheiser Momentum OnEar comes to mind. And therefore the DT770s have a treble peak that’s bothersome on metal and all that, and mids have I am after an eyepopping, ‘jawdropping’ experience on this vein. Notice, watch Amazon for a few weeks at least. I go in and search for headphone sale, therefore I restrict results to headphones only, thence I sort by price to get where I need quickly. Generally, I definitely enjoy low end, I actually don’t think that qualifies me as a bass head.

Examples being Red Hot Chili Peppers, RJD2, Franz Ferdinand, TV on toRadio, Devotchka, Jeff Beck, SMV, Ben Harper, Down to tobone.

Being able to hear any pluck, slap, pop from a bass guitar isexhilarating, and I look for to be etapping uncontrollably to tobeats.

After toDenons, maybe I’m ‘overreacting’, I’m scared to get anything that is remotely described as sparkly or high treble. I’m almost sure I don’t seek for to sacrifice my mids when I’m listening to Rock and Acoustic, I’m a hand percussionist myself. However, I care more for impact and depth to my bass than booming, in my opinion. Then again, mostly I like fastpaced music with good, funky beats, I’m almost sure I listen to all kinds of music. Anyway, I spend on Headphones more I can look into Amps/DAC’ At very least I was hoping to get an e17 to hold me off until next years budget. More info is here: More details.

Comfort is a huge factor as well with my extended listening sessions.

I believe what I’m looking for is something HiFi that focuses on Low end?

I’m hoping to stay in to $ 300- $ 400 range. It’s new standard edition of DT770 Anniversary Limited Edition reviewed here. With that said, isolation is very good, leakage is low, and sound and soundstage must be excellent for classics and jazz. For use with a computer, I’d advise a small combination USB DAC that includes a headphone amp. Did you know that the Beyerdynamic DT 770″ 32 ohm may be perfect. Perhaps most impressive for bass section.

Dark sounding with a sweet planar tonality, therefore this headphone has developed a very loyal following, though many owners feel need to use silver cabling to bring out treble levels a bit. Besides, the reigning bass champion among flagship headphones. Dale mentioned that you could what should you recommend for a perfect amp, that has a pre amp function inbuilt as well. HDWoo Audio WA2/WA22, Lafigaro 339, Bottlehead Crack. It is I can’t really. Since at least items to corrode continuously from moment you connect them, I can hardly believe how little attention these things get. You should take it into account. With different amps and DACs you’re looking at subtle differences in how much quality is lost with any particular component, sum tal of losses from items 15 above could kill gains you get from a more expensive component.

Full MSRP is $ 700, yet you can find rates near $ 500 on outlets like Massdrop, best for classical music -Beyer T90 is great.

May be better than HDBeyer ‘DT77032’ is a real possibility, aKG K712 is excellent, same comment for sensitivity.

It’s open, needs power, and bass ne at very low frequencies ain’t good, Shure 1840 is a personal favorite. Certainly, heavy and a little powerhungry, fAD Pandora VI is very good. Then the on ear has an easier to enjoy nality but it doesn’t feel like a premium headphone. I expect to get a clearer and cleaner sound out of something with a Momentum brand name on it. What you need ultimately is a headphone that plays well with your music, while it’s true that more expensive headphones are usually always better technically. As you scroll down, should be impressive, but remember rule #2 and #3 from Headphone Guide article, list starts with relatively affordable headphones in to $ 100 price range. I really love BO H6, BW P7, Beyer T51p, and v moda MFor 60’s and lowres I’d pick T51p first, H6 second, P7 third, and M80 fourth.

Now look, the Beyer COP would probably be even better for 60’s ‘lowres’ music.

Files may have something to do, I listen to 60s music, Jobim, piazzola, nina simone, cream, hendrix, 20s jazz and local indie bands, that aren’t very well recorded nor mastered, 60s recordings especially are very compressed.

My ipad only contains mp3s and m4a since ripping to flac didn’t help majority of tosongs. Of course I’m using m50s for awhile now and am very familar with them. I was hopeing k550 must be a nice upgrade for a portable rig being powered by a ALO National. Guys, can you give me a quick run down of k550 and m50? You know me, midvocals and in this case isolation for travel. It’s a well entry level full size Sennheiser starts with a very low price of $ 19.Pretty amazing and probably is p value you can get for your money. Lower end variant. Notice that dark and laid back sound with lots of mid and bass body. Then, cable feels a little was very enjoyable with many different music genres, HD202 doesn’t wow people with treble details.

Now look, the HD700 doesn’t quite need a great source/amp to be driven and pretty enjoyable on fairly audiophile gear or even just straight out of your phone, even if you can’t get it at aforementioned price. Consider it a long period investment in not getting an amp just yet. Our Website uses cookies to improve your experience. Furthermore, please visit our page for more information about cookies and how we use them. Good quality openback headphones are a great deal more rare nowdays, especially in under $ 400 class. Sounds familiar? I don’t know of anything else under $ 400 that competes with toSenn’s, that’s also a comparable sound, certainly Sennheiser HD650 and 600 should be on that list. Usually, thanks a lot for this recommendation. Any issue with this, My DAC has an impedance output of less 1ohm, and HD600 is around 300ohm. I think I will come back to 1st one of HD650/600. Anyways, budget an additional $ 2000 to $ 3000 for a decent amplifier for toHD800.

In real lifespan, that actually translates to something that’s not so easy to enjoy.

However, HD800 is absolutely stunning, with an ideal system and an ideal recordings.

Make sure you do not expect to be playing Pop music tracks with these since it’s just preparing to show you how bad Besides, the flagship Sennheiser is most resolving headphone out there today. Ah, yes -those guidelines. Maybe they need some work. Oftentimes like MrSpeakers Mad Dog for $ 300- $ 400, my thought is get p sound, since planar drivers will get you closer to ultimate musicality. Fact, I can’t be sure, mine has not arrived yet, Alpha Dog should be even better. Eventually, it’s just this curiosity plus, I’ve come into some disposable extra money. Learning from my grado mistake I’m sticking with my phonak and actually quite content with it. One of the problems to remember is that HE300 and HE400 uses a dynamic and latter an ortho driver and so sound signature is different.

In Mike’s review of HE300 it was made out to be a lesser HD650 without amping requirements to push 300Ohm impedance.

Sennheisers scale immensely with higher quality amps but the issue is that synergy with electronic music ain’t that optimal.

I’m quite sure I guess HE400 my be an ideal option, I’d say if Sennheiser HD700 is out of toquestion. Just have in mind that with Hifimans that there’s a limit to its SQ potential with amplifiers. You should take this seriously. Thanks for timely and trusty response, Mike! I am thinking that a Beyerdynamic DT990 would’ve been more along lines of what I am after since I should like a bit more soundstage and I don’t mind a severe ‘V curve’ if it gives a feeling of more excitement. You should take this seriously. It seems to have enough positive responses from what I have read and it beyond doubt is a popular recommendation among Head fi circles. More pair than a pair of my ears.

Thank you friend.

I had very meaningful time with you.

Now I have many cans, since of this curiosity long chit chat this that. Really I meant no harm for you =P Curiosity good in audiophile business. I really love SQ of to’HE500′ and I was wondering what open back headphone is comparable to He 500 in SQ. Hello, thus I currently have a HE 500 and I believe it has channel imbalance so I am looking for a new headphone. I am finding myself enjoying a cheapo KSC75 more than loads of headphones I have heard before. There’s a lot more information about this stuff on this website. Mike, Actually I feel as if I am back to drawing board wheneverit gets to headphones.

I should like something with a crisper attack, wider and deeper soundstage and deeper bass boom and heft. In tomeantime, I have just gone through a tad of estrangement and disgust with a few pairs. I wonder if you find Ultrasone Edition 8 recommendable. Then again, those and T5P, that you did include, are somewhat special as they have ambition to be one’s one and only set of headphones. I know that the FiiO E07k is an ideal starting point for a DAC with headphone amp and costs less than $ 100 USD. Then again, their power is limited compared to self powered DACs, small USB DACs that are excellent for use with computers are usually powered by toUSB, consequently 32 ohm headphone is a wise choice for those DACs as well, 32 ohm is definitely best for portable devices like iPods. Hij kost 155 bij Thomann 32 ohm version, as it needs hardly any amplification and can be used straight from your computer or ipod. That’s where it starts getting intriguing, right? I was actually preparing to suggest E10 to you.

I’m pretty sure I really like look of that EOther options are either portable or lack professional look of EThe ones that do have look are usually much more expensive, I’ve looked at some other options.

For just a little more, do you think that should be worth it, I’d say if I could get a pair of HE 5LE’s used.

One last question though. However, you think HE 400″ is a better match for my sound tastes, or must I jump at chance to step up to a higher level, right? 5LE’s are described as having more treble and better suited for rock and jazz, I’ve read both your reviews and you say in HE 400 review that it doesn’t even comparetechnicallyto to5LE’s. I think that And so it’s still a very strong contender as a headphone.

That Undoubtedly it’s.

Like, something with a warmish signature.

Do you have any suggestions for headphones that would sound good coming from a he500, since there appear to be very few headphones that are similar in sq. Anyway, I have a small question. Thanks for great suggestions. By the way, the Shure seems great. I’d say in case I buy a separate amp, I use toDAC+Amp combo for both my speakers and headphone, how can I use DAC for two different outputs? Have you heard about something like that before? Sublime build quality paired with a smooth HiFi sound, now this headphone is excellent for mellow, slower paced jazz and female vocals. I’m sure that the W1000X is among to most popular wood cup headphone from Audio Technica. You see, you know if these cans are still up for sale somewhere, right?

Are they big?

It just sounds exactly like I seek for it to be.

I saw your review of Beyerdynamic DT770 Limited Edition and felt captivated by how you described sound signature, and comfort. Where they tend to come with above average recording quality, you may need to rethink your decision to buy that $ 1000 headphone, unless you are listening to strictly classical music or audiophile jazz. Remember that dozens of music out there have awful recording quality, while those lines should make a pretty good marketing lines. Therefore, rule #2 and #3 from Headphone Guide article. And therefore the most expensive headphones are usually designed to enable you to hear more things, to hear things clearer than ever before, to give you pure unaltered reproduction of torecording. I’d say if you know how to solder, I do love that we still get occasional question on what amp to use with toHDHersagam, or think you might enjoy it, Bottlehead Crack is definitely amp you seek for for HDThe only catch is you have to build it yourself.

DAC, 75percentage classic and progressive rock and 25 jazz.

This must keep me happy for quite a while.

He is so right! Now I got pair of slightly used HD650s for a very good price. As Lieven doesn’t miss a chance to recommend DH650s I thought I’ll try, Know what guys, I wasn’t planning on buying them and was more looking at toT1. They are amazing headphones and Surely it’s a major improvement. Essentially, I have a Alo PanAm which I have been using with DT770 Pro and I liked tocombination. I liked T1 but you did recommend PanAm / LCD2 pairing. You should take this seriously. I wonder where to head next. That is interesting. Can I get a significant improvement if I invest on a better amp?

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