Mountain Climbing Machine

How to Compare a Mountain Climbing Machine to a Simple Gym Equipment

climbing machine for gym

In most cases, a normal gym equipment works one type of muscle of your body while you are using it. For example: the treadmill is for the lower muscles of the body, the bike is for the legs and back muscles and so on. A mountain climbing machine – is used for a full body workout, all in one. You will be able to work the core, the upper and also the lower muscles of the body in the same time. Each push down with the left leg will automatically need a push up with the right hand and so on.

The machine works based on your weight and this kind of cardio exercise can’t be compared with any of the other types of equipment on a gym. Doing the same thing as if you were climbing on the rocky side of a mountain needs strength, ability, resistance and a lot of will to achieve your goals.


The Only Comparison that Can Be Done

You can only compare the climbing machine with the other gym equipment by the number of calories burned in an hour. A vertical climber will help you get rid of 500 calories during one hour of workout, while a treadmill will burn 250 calories and the bike 330 calories.

The winner will be again the vertical climber. The fact is that this type of workout makes you bring all of your strength to be able to finish half an hour of workout at the beginning. It is truly worth it in comparison with the normal and simple gym equipment there is. Another great thing is that the time spent with a mountain climber is lesser than the period of time you would have had to spend with the simple machines working muscles one by one.

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